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Meet The Team of KSTM
  1. Picasso
    This blue eyed boy is my heart, he has personality and heart and there is nothing this guy will not do.
  2. Elmer
    This blonde little guy totes tons of personality, once he puts on his “work clothes” he’s all business.
  3. Brodie
    New to the team 2017 big plans for this little guy. Who is also Cavi's little brother <3 Most recently to a Veterans Retreat.
  4. Our Cavi
    Our Cavi
    This guy is our heart horse, he just loves unconditionally and is the first to want to go anywhere! Most recently we visited Shelters in Panama City.
DONATIONS WELCOME we are a 501c3
The Minis here at Kindred Spirits are part of a team along with their handlers commited to bringing joy and an overall sense of well being to all they encounter.  We visit Assisted living facilities,  Autisim Centers, Addiction Centers, Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital, schools and other venues. 
All contrubutions are tax Deductable and enable us to bring joy to those in need.